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THE JUDY ROOM website has been completely overhauled and updated.

It’s been ten years since the last major site update.  A lot has changed, including how we access web pages.  Now, the vast majority of the visits to the site are via mobile devices (phones and tablets) rather than traditional methods like standard desktop and laptop browsers.  The site needed to reflect this.  This means that the site had to be upgraded to be “responsive.”  “Responsive” means that the pages automatically change depending on which device is being used.  Previously, all of the pages in the site were “static” – they didn’t change and were unfortunately not user-friendly to mobile devices.

After much searching for the right format and program, I finally found the right one.  Then the task of reformatting the pages began.  Although it was time-consuming it was also fun.  This new format is so much better, better than even I had anticipated.

All of the main pages have been updated, including all of the existing Filmography Pages plus the addition of new ones.  The Judy Garland Filmography is complete (although please note that extensive photo galleries will be added).  Also complete are the Media Pages, the “Garlands for Judy” pages, the “Year in Review” pages, and the “Judy Room Archive” pages.  The DVD/Blu-ray pages are not done but will be added individually as I complete each one.  There are so many, it’ll take a while!

The only part of the site that will remain the same is the Discography Section.  The format of the Discography has always been separate and is more data-driven than image-driven.  It will continue to be its own mini-site (that is if over 1k pages can be considered “mini”).

I hope you enjoy the new site.  And be sure to check the site often as a few new sections will be popping up soon.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the site by sharing files, images, information, and guidance.  The Judy Room really is “By the Fans and For the Fans.”  I wouldn’t want it any other way!



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