Another Judy Garland stereo premiere – “Look For the Silver Lining”!

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Thanks again to our friends Mark Milano and audio master Bob Zwolinski, here is another new stereo treat:  Judy’s definitive rendition of “Look For the Silver Lining” from Till The Clouds Roll By (1946).

I think you’ll agree that the results are again amazing.  Be sure to put on your headphones and enjoy this iconic number as never before!  Thank you, Mark and Bob!!

Below is a video explanation of how this new software works and is able to extract the music and vocals into separate tracks to make a true stereo recording.



  1. Thank you for this. It sounds great. Judy here is “hiding” her fourth month of pregnancy. I would curious to know who scored this number. The accompaniment follows her in the melody – which is never needed, with Garland’s beautiful voice and musicianship. Again, thanks for this. Bob Jennings in Toronto.

  2. Such a wonder! “Silver Lining” always sounded the best of Judy’s MGM records in terms of clarity and crispness, even when compared with her later MGM recordings. I have sneaks been curious why that is. Thanks much.

  3. There simply are no words to describe how amazing this new development is. And once again, Judy’s gift just keeps on being reborn again and again: we just WILL NOT let it die!

    I see hints of the mature Garland in this number: the eyes looking upward, the sense that she’s singing to herself even though a full audience is present, and the beginnings of those nervous hands! Obviously she’s been told to minimize her gestures here. It works for her, lets you focus more on the face and the voice.with less distraction.

    How to say thank you to Mark and Bob for this great, great joy? And to Scott Brogan, the gatekeeper of this treasure trove of a website?

    As I said to begin with, there are simply no words…..

  4. This sounds absolutely amazing. This is another one of my favorite songs by Judy in her younger voice. When will it be available on CD along with other stereo songs by Judy?

  5. I hope they release this stereo version on CD with this amazing technology!

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