Strike Up The Band coming to Blu-ray on June 23, 2020!

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Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney in "Strike Up The Band" on Blu-ray

The second of the four “Let’s put on a show!” musicals that Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney made together, Strike Up The Band, gets its Blu-ray debut from the Warner Archive on June 23, 2020!  This is the first of Judy’s MGM black and white films to be released on Blu-ray.  It should look fantastic!

Check out The Judy Room’s filmography pages on Strike Up The Band here.

From the Warner Archive site:

Run Time 100:00
Subtitles English SDH
Audio Specs DTS HD-Master Audio 2.0 – English, MONO
Aspect Ratio 4 X 3 FULL FRAME, 1.37:1
Product Color BLACK & WHITE
Disc Configuration BD 50
Special Features:
Introduction to the Film by Mickey Rooney (HD)
Pete Smith Specialty Comedy Short “Wedding Bells”
Cartoon “Romeo in Rhythm”
“Do the La Conga” Stereo Remix Version (HD)
“Leo is on the Air” Radio Promo
“Millions for Defense” (Audio Only) Lux Radio Theater 1940 Broadcast
Theatrical Trailer (HD)

Among cinema’s many treasures, few are as delightfully entertaining as the musical pairings of Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney. Strike Up the Band is one of the brightest results of that talented collaboration. Brimming with youthful high spirits, Mickey and Judy are effervescent as high school kids who are ready and eager to climb the long ladder of success. He’s an energetic bandleader, she’s his lovelorn singer. Together, they sing and dance their way to the top, with a few bumps along the way! Of course, the film abounds in musical riches, from a rousing “Drummer Boy,” performed by Mickey and Judy, to Judy’s plaintive rendition of “(I Ain’t Got) Nobody.” There’s an all-out musical tribute to that forties dance craze, the conga (“Do the La Conga!”), and a stirring patriotic finale to the title song.



  1. Huh??? I enjoy this film, but THIS gets Blu Ray before “Girl Crazy????”. U-okay. But then ” Summer Stock” got Blu Ray before “Ziegfeld Follies” (which needs a MASSIVE restoration), “The Harvey Girls”, and ” The Pirate???” Apparently, Warner Brothers is enjoying plenty of edibles

    1. LOL! Their classics division has been losing steam of late, so that would explain things! I think this is getting the Blu-ray treatment first because of all the Mickey/Judy musicals it seems to be in the best shape. I’ve noticed that the film elements for the others are not up to par. Maybe that’s why. I’m still waiting for more on 4K. Oz is amazing in 4K and I can just imagine how MMISL would look in that format. PIRATE needs to be restored before it’s put out. It’s never gotten a proper restoration like the others (their “Ultra Resolution Process.” Here’s hoping!!!

      ps – Summer Stock definitely looks great in Blu-ray!

  2. You have a point, Scott. I watched all four of the Rooney/Garland films recently during the pandemic and was reminded how much
    cleaner “Band” is. “Summer Stock” was also in great shape. But to me, “Ziegfeld Follies” looks the worst

    1. I sure hope they’re able to upgrade them all, eventually, at least for availability in streaming, in 4K. They’re really dropping the ball on the streaming issue. Sure, some things are available for purchase on iTunes and such, but they’re not upgraded. WHV seems content to just keep recycling bad stuff. They’re still making DVD(standard DVD) collections!

  3. So happy that “Strike up the Band ” is coming available on Blu Ray. I remember how great these black and white films of Judy’s looked on Laser Disc, so Blu Ray should look Great!

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