Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney in "Girl Crazy" on Blu-ray from the Warner Archive

Girl Crazy coming to Blu-ray in July 2020

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Girl Crazy on Blu-rayGood news!  The last of the Judy Garland/Mickey Rooney “Let’s Put On A Show” musicals, Girl Crazy, is scheduled for its Blu-ray debut next month (July 2020).  The release date is listed as July 21st.

According to the folks at Warner Archive, the Blu-ray will feature a new 1080p master from a 4K scan of the “best surviving preservation element.”

The planned special features are:  Introduction by Mickey Rooney (in the HD format); Commentary by John Fricke; Comedy Short Hollywood Daredevils; Vintage Cartoon The Early Bird Dood It; “I Got Rhythm” in stereo and also in HD;  Audio Only “Bronco Busters” Outtake; Theatrical Trailer (also in HD)

Purchase the Blu-ray here!

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Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney in "Girl Crazy"


  1. I can’t believe this!! In my last reply, I asked WHY was SUTB getting Blu Ray before the arguably superior GC. Scott, you astutely pointed out that the former film was in better shape, meaning less cleanup work for WB. While I’m delighted to read this news, GC IS in very mediocre condition. I truly hope they do a strong transfer, as the film deserves it!

    1. This is, according to WHV, a new 4K transfer from the best surviving elements, so hopefully, it’ll be at least brighter. GC has always seemed on the dark side to me. 🙂

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