Mondo's Deluxe 3-LP Wizard of Oz Soundtrack Set

Mondo’s Deluxe 3-LP Wizard of Oz Soundtrack Set Goes On Sale On November 24!

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After several years of waiting, Mondo is finally releasing their brand new deluxe 3-LP vinyl release of the soundtrack to The Wizard of Oz.  It looks as though it was definitely worth the wait!  Here are more details from the Mondo site.

Mondo's Deluxe 3-LP Wizard of Oz Soundtrack Set

This new set is “Housed in a package designed and constructed by Alan Hynes, this pop-up, accordion style jacket creates a rainbow diorama of the titular Oz, complete with subtle easter eggs littered throughout.”  It boasts 53 tracks that were newly remastered for vinyl.  It should sound fantastic – Mondo always delivers the highest quality in all of their releases.

Get your copy as soon as they go on sale at noon (Central Time) on Wednesday, November 24, 2021.  This special edition is limited to only 3,000 copies.

Check out The Judy Room’s Spotlight on The Wizard of Oz here.

All images and the video are from the Mondo blog.

Track List:

Side A
1. Main Title (The Wizard of Oz) (1:58)
2. Trouble In School (Extended Version) (1:20)
3. Farmyard (Outtake) (0:38)
4. Over The Rainbow (2:45)
5. Miss Gulch (Extended Version) (2:45)
6. Leaving Home (1:26)
7. Crystal Gazing (Extended Version) (1:48)
8. Cyclone (Extended Version) (2:18)
9. Munchkinland (2:28)

Side B
10. I’m Not a Witch (0:51)
11. Munchkinland Musical Sequence (6:08)
12. Threatening Witch (Extended Version) (2:12)
13. Leaving Munchkinland (1:21)
14. Good Fairy Vanishes (0:34)
15. Follow the Yellow Brick Road / You’re Off To See the Wizard (0:49)
16. The Cornfield (2:46)
17. If I Only Had a Brain (Extended Version) (3:44)

Side C
18. We’re Off To See the Wizard (Duo) (0:34)
19. The Apple Orchard (Extended Version) (1:35)
20. If I Only Had a Heart (Extended Version) (3:12)
21. Witch On Roof (Extended Version) (0:53)
22. Bees & Tin Woodman Lament (Partial Outtake) (1:53)
23. We’re Off To See the Wizard (Trio) (0:25)
24. Into the Forest of Wild Beasts (1:14)
25. The Lions Confession (Outtake) (0:48)
26. If I Only Had the Nerve (0:41)
27. We’re Off to See the Wizard (Quartet) (0:26)
28. Poppies (1:43)
29. The Spell (Extended Version) (3:19)
30. Optimistic Voices (1:09)

Side D
31. Sign On the Gate / The City Gates Open (Extended Version) (1:16)
32. The Merry Old Land of Oz (1:52)
33. Change of the Guard / Wizard’s Exit (Outtake) (0:29)
34. If I Were King of the Forest (Extended Version) (4:16)
35. At the Gates of Emerald City (Extended Version) (3:13)
36. Magic Smoke Chords (0:36)
37. Terrified Lion (0:39)
38. The Haunted Forest (Extended Version) (3:13)

Side E
39. The Jitterbug (Outtake) (3:23)
40. The Jitterbug’s Attack (Extended Version) (1:00)
41. The Witch’s Castle (Extended Version) (3:09)
42. Toto Brings News / Over the Rainbow Reprise (Extended Version / Outtake) (3:03)
43. March of the Winkies (Extended Version) (2:46)
44. Dorothy’s Rescue (Extended Version) (3:10)
45. On the Castle Wall (Extended Version) (2:29)

Side F
46. Ding-Dong! Emerald City (Outtake) (1:14)
47. The Wizard’s Exposé / Emerald City Graduation Exercises (Extended Version) (3:53)
48. Fill-In Awards / I Was Floating Through Space / Balloon Ascension / Second Cher Balloon Ascension / Second Cheer (1:44)
49. I Hereby Decree (4:13)
50. Delirious Escape / Delirious Escape Continued / End Title (Extended Version) (3:32)
Bonus Tracks
51. Main Title (The Wizard of Oz) [Alternate Take with Unused Tag] (1:54)
52. Over the Rainbow (Partial Take) (0:34)
53. Over the Rainbow (Alternate Take) (2:05)

Mondo's Deluxe 3-LP Wizard of Oz Soundtrack Set


  1. Looks beautiful, although it doesn’t hold any personal interest for me. Gorgeously designed, though.

  2. I will definitely get this. I love most anything on “The Wizard of Oz” with Judy Garland especially when it is well done! The books through the years, the laser disc, dvd’s and vinyl etc are a beautiful reminder of a much loved film!!

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