Through The Years – The Judy Garland Story – 1922-1934

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It’s time to start celebrating the Judy Garland Centennial!

Frances Gumm (Judy Garland) circa 1931

To get things going, The Judy Room is featuring the first of a new series “Through The Years – The Judy Garland Story.”  When completed (by the centennial of her birth on June 10, 2022), the pages will present the story of Judy’s incredible life and career with engaging and interactive highlights featuring rare photos, plus audio and video clips.

First up: 1922-1934! 
By the time 1934 came to a close, 12-year-old Frances Garland (previously Frances Gumm and soon to be Judy Garland) was already a seasoned show business pro with some serious stage, radio, and film, credits.  Anyone who saw Judy perform knew it was just a matter of time before she hit it big.  This girl with the big voice and triple-threat talent was going places!  All she needed was that one fateful break.
Stay tuned and keep your eye out for other spotlights and features that will be posted throughout the year.  Happy Anniversary Judy!

Be sure to check out the new site, “Garlandtennial” which will be devoted to celebrating Judy’s centennial year.  The Judy Room is happy and proud to be a partner of the new site.  Sign up for their upcoming newsletter which will feature events and other goodies!



  1. Hopefully, someone will enlist Caren Marsh-Doll for an interview. Both Judy and Caren’s younger sister, Dorothy Morris, were born in 1922–Betty White was just a bit older than both Dorothy and Judy. Marsha Hunt is 104 and might have some memories too. P.S.–If you haven’t checked out the new Oz items at the Academy Museum, Museum Store (just had a Spike Lee book signing event), check out the link below. Still some Oz art books with the Judy Garland Norman Rockwell cover memorial art (from 1970.)

    1. I have a copy of that Oz book – it’s fantastic!! I have urged people to buy it, but now that I know it’s available via the museum, I’ll send out some reminders. Thank you for the link. And yes, it would be great to get some of these wonderful memories from folks.

      1. I adored Dorothy Morris, who has small roles in “Babes on Broadway”, “The Human Comedy” and several B movies at Metro. I thought she was so pretty. I believe she’s passed on.

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