Judy Garland, November 6, 1935

Through The Years – The Judy Garland Story – 1935

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The next chapter in The Judy Room’s Garland Centennial Celebration is up!  The page puts the focus on the next chapter in Judy’s life, the momentous year of 1935.

In twelve short months, Frances Gumm went from being the little vaudevillian known as “Frances Garland” getting rave reviews to the new MGM contract player and “Baby Nora Hayes” now known as “Judy Garland.”  In the interim, and among many other triumphs, she had two movie studio contracts (including her first with MGM), one contract with a record label (cutting five test records), a sensational national radio review, and even her first appearance on film in Technicolor.  She also experienced the tragic and untimely death of her father, Frank Gumm, just over a month after she signed with MGM.

Because the year was so packed, I decided to devote a full page to it in order to better feature the many highlights.  Judy had several banner years that will be featured in the coming months.



  1. Judy was the greatest all-round Talent that MGM ever had…she could really “do it all” …. sing,dance,act and play comedic as well as dramatic roles to absolute perfection…she was what one could call “A Universal musical genius”…There
    will never be another Talent like Judy now or ever…she was unique and one
    of a kind…and despite her premature passing at the age of only 47, she left
    us with an unparalleled Legacy of her incredible career which spanned over
    four decades…RIp to the unforgettable Judy Garland !

  2. I can’t believe Judy is 100 this year. When I was 6 Judy was making her last Television appearance but it would be another 9 years before I would discover her. Since then fans have marked each decade and anniversary milestone in celebration for her life and the legacy that she left us. This year is that extra special and is marked with a season of her films at our National FilmTheatre, reissue of her momentous concert recording at Carnegie Hall in 1961, books, TV reruns etc. Individuals are making their own tributes on web pages and youtube clips. There is a great love for Judy as strong now as in 1969 when Judy died. I offer thanks for Judy’s birth, life, and the greatest pleasure I feel when I listen to her sing, watch her films or take time to watch one of her marvellous TV shows or appearances. I also thank everyone at “The Judy Room” . Thank you for the wonderful “Garlands For Judy” fanzine which you give to us freely on pdf and for all the marvellous features and information you provide us with. What a glorious website. A feeling of inclusiveness I have not experienced since Judy’s 1964 patroned fan club seemed to run out of love in the 1980s after the late Billy Tweedy lost control of it. The Judy internet community is so beautifully supported here in “The Judy Room”. I just wanted to say ‘I wish you love’.

    1. Thank you! The Judy Room, this blog, and the Discography are all here for the fans. I enjoy being able to pay tribute to the amazing life and career of the lady whose brilliant, genius talent still speaks to us. She gave so much in such a short time, it’s almost unbelievable. I wish we could all be here 100 years from now and see what kind of celebrations will be happening.

      Thanks again for taking the time to write. I truly appreciate it. 🙂

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