The Judy Garland Story - 1936-1938

Through The Years – The Judy Garland Story – 1936-1938

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The next chapter in The Judy Room’s Garland Centennial Celebration is up!  The new page focuses on Judy’s rise from just another MGM contract player in early 1936 to an official MGM star in late 1938.  She was on the cusp of global superstardom when 1938 ended, as she was in the middle of filming The Wizard of Oz (1939).  It was a very eventual and busy three-year period.

The Judy Garland Story - 1936-1938

The page features many videos and audio clips from Judy’s films, radio appearances, and recordings for Decca Records.  Highlights include the only known film footage of Judy as the blonde Dorothy, and her 1937 performance of “Johnny One Note,” which is thought to be the first nationwide radio performance of the then-new Rodgers & Hart song.



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