Warner Archive to debut three Judy Garland films on Blu-ray in June!

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Garland fans have been hoping the Warner Archive would premiere more Garland films on Blu-ray in this Garland Centennial year.  The Archive has announced the upcoming release of three of Judy’s most popular MGM films this June with a release date of June 7th.  All three are new to Blu-ray and although no press release has been put out just yet, you can be sure they’re newly remastered from the best film elements if not the original negatives (if they survive).

The discs are listed on Amazon, links for each are listed below.

Ziegfeld Girl (1941) – This will look stunning in true HD!  Amazon Link.

Special Features:

    • Introduction by Garland Biographer John Fricke
    • Vintage Musical Short – A New Romance Of Celluloid, We Must Have Music
    • Our Gang Short – Melodies Old And New
    • Audio-Only Outtakes:
      “Too Beautiful To Last” (Tony Martin)
      “We Must Have Music” finale (Judy Garland And Tony Martin)
    • Original Theatrical Trailer (HD)

For Me And My Gal (1942) – Judy’s first real adult role and one of her most underrated.  Gene Kelly’s screen debut!  Amazon Link.

Special Features:

    • Commentary by Garland biographer John Fricke,
    • Vintage Musical Shorts: Every Sunday and La Fiesta de Santa Barbara
    • Audio-Only Outtakes:
      “For Me and My Gal” (Deleted Finale Photo Reconstruction)
      “Three Cheers For The Yanks” (Audio Outtake)
    • Photo Re-Creations With Original Recordings
    • Audio-Only Bonus:
      “Screen Guild Players Radio Show” from March 23, 1943, with Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, and Dick Powell
    • Leo is on the Air Radio Trailer
    • Original Theatrical Trailer (HD)

The Clock (1945) – Judy proves her acting chops in her first and only solely dramatic non-singing role for MGM.  Amazon Link.

Special Features:

    • Vintage Pete Smith Specialty Short – Hollywood Scout
    • Classic Cartoon: The Screwy Truant
    • Audio-Only Bonus: Radio Show Adaptation with Judy Garland and John Hodiak
    • Theatrical Trailer


  1. Wow!! Scott, you and I must be psychic!! If you recall, I predicted “Zeigfeld Girl” would be the next Blu Ray, due to its high-wattage star power. You predicted “For Me and My Gal.” While I’m glad we were both right, I – like you – am far happier about “Gal.” Both films look very good on DVD, so the HD transfers should be great! I’m a bit weary about “The Clock”, as it had a blah transfer to DVD. And let’s face it: “In the Good Old Summertime” was a huge HD disappointment.

    Thanks, as always, Scott.

    1. I hope all three look great. I haven’t seen anything about what the source material will be. Hopefully actual negatives or maybe a pristine interpositive. It’s hit and miss with the B&W films as far as what survived and what didn’t. We’ll see. I’m sure they’ll look much better than the DVDs which as we know, were originally released almost 20 years ago (!) and haven’t been upgraded since. 🙂

      1. Finally watched all three of the new Blu rays. All look stunning, especially “The Clock”, as it looked so muddy on VHS and DVD. As expected, the original camera negatives apparently weren’t available, but one would never know it – the films look stunning. Wonder if I’ll live to see “Presenting Lily Mars” in hi def…

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