“Thoroughbreds” & “Nellie Kelly” Coming to the Warner Archive Collection

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Little Nellie Kelly
Thoroughbreds Don’t Cry

03-15-11:  The films are now available at The Warner Archive Site.  Use the code xb1210 to get 20% off.
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Finally!  After waiting what has seemed like an eternity for The Warner Archive to realize that they have some Garland titles yet to be released, we get word that they’re going to release both “Thoroughbreds Don’t Cry” and “Little Nellie Kelly.”  Also part of the new musicals are the non-Garland “Yolanda and the Thief” and “Invitation to the Dance” (Gene Kelly’s experimental all dance feature).  All are new to DVD.  Here’s the artwork:


Thoroughbreds Don't CryLittle Nellie Kelly

Yolanda and the ThiefInvitation to the Dance

No word yet on any extras or if they’re remastered or not.  The Warner Archive site hasn’t been updated yet to reflect these upcoming releases.  I’ll post more info just as soon as I get it from The Warner Archive.  Let’s hope this means more unreleased Garland is on the way!

New Warner Archive Releases: Yolanda and the Thief,  Invitation to the Dance,  Little Nellie Kelly, & Thoroughbreds Don’t Cry.   Shop Now!


  1. Well maybe we will see “Meet Me …” soon. WB “MIGHT BE” restoring it for a new blu-ray transfer?

  2. Wonderful indeed…all we need now is Listen Darling and A Child Is waiting but there needs to be a DVD of all extra’s and short subjects that way we will have everything!

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