Cover Art & Track Listing For Upcoming JSP “Judy Garland Singles” Boxed Set

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JSP Records Judy Garland Complete Decca Singles SetThe upcoming JSP Records 4-CD set of all of Judy’s Decca singles is scheduled for release this summer.  No specific date has been announced, but we do have the cover art for the set (each of the 4 CD jewel cases inside the boxed set will also have its own unique cover art) and the track listing (see below).

The set includes Judy’s masters, alternates, and outtakes at Decca between 1936 and 1947.  99 tracks in all from Judy’s 32 sessions:  79 sides, 19 alternates and 1 outtake.

The set has been compiled and annotated by Lawrence Schulman, and produced by John Stedman.  Peter Rynston is handling the remastering of all the tracks and Andrew Aitken is providing the set’s design.  All tracks have been newly remastered, with several making their CD debut.

TRACK LISTING [Songs are presented in order of their Master Numbers]:

CD A:  Stompin’ and Swingin’ 1936-1939

1.      Stompin’ At The Savoy (E.Sampson/C.Webb/B.Goodman/A.Razaf)

2.      Swing Mister Charlie (J.Russell Robinson/I.Taylor/H.Brooks)

3.      Everybody Sing (N.H.Brown/A.Freed)

4.      Everybody Sing (N.H.Brown/A.Freed) Alternate

5.      All God’s Chillun Got Rhythm (G.Kahn/W.Jurmann/B.Kaper)

6.      All God’s Chillun Got Rhythm (G.Kahn/W.Jurmann/B.Kaper) Alternate

7.      (Dear Mr. Gable) You Made Me Love You (J.V.Monaco/J.McCarthy)

8.      (Dear Mr. Gable) You Made Me Love You (J.V.Monaco/J.McCarthy) Alternate

9.      You Can’t Have Ev’rything (H.Revel/M.Gordon)

10.    Sleep My Baby Sleep (E.Pola/F.Vienna)

11.    Cry, Baby, Cry (J.Eaton/T.Shand/R.Harris/I.Melsher)

12.    Cry, Baby, Cry (J.Eaton/T.Shand/R.Harris/I.Melsher) Alternate

13.    Ten Pins in the Sky (J.McCarthy/M.Ager)

14.    It Never Rains, But What It Pours (H.Revel/M.Gordon)

15.    Over the Rainbow (H.Arlen/E.Y.Harburg)

16.    The Jitterbug (H.Arlen/E.Y.Harburg

17.    In Between (R.Edens)

18.    Sweet Sixteen (R.Edens)

19.    Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart (J.F.Hanley)

20.    I’m Just Wild About Harry (E.Blake/N.Sissle

21.    Fascinating Rhythm (G.Gershwin/I.Gershwin)

22.    Oceans Apart (M.Rooney/S.Miller)

23.    Embraceable You (G.Gershwin/I.Gershwin)

24.    Swanee (G.Gershwin/I.Ceasar)

25.    Figaro (R.Edens)

26.    Figaro (R.Edens) Alternate

CD B:  Chasing Rainbows 1940-1942

1.      (Can This Be) The End Of The Rainbow (S.Cahn/S.Chaplin)

2.      I’m Nobody’s Baby (B.Davis/M.Ager/L.Santly

3.      Buds Won’t Bud (H.Arlen/E.Y.Harburg)

4.      Wearing Of The Green (Traditional)

5.      Friendship (Cole Porter) (Duet with Johnny Mercer)

6.      Friendship (Cole Porter) (Duet with Johnny Mercer) Alternate

7.      I’m Always Chasing Rainbows (H.Carroll/J.McCarthy)

8.      I’m Always Chasing Rainbows (H.Carroll/J.McCarthy) Alternate

9.      Our Love Affair (R.Edens/A.Freed)

10.    A Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow (Traditional, arranged by R.Edens)

11.    It’s a Great Day For The Irish (R.Edens)

12.    The Birthday Of A King (W.H.Neidlinger)

13.    The Star Of The East (A.Kennedy/G.Cooper)

14.    How About You? (B.Lane/R.Freed)

15.    Blues In The Night (H.Arlen/J.Mercer)

16.    Blues In The Night (H.Arlen/J.Mercer) Alternate

17.    F.D.R. Jones (H.J.Rome)

18.    The Last Call For Love (B.Lane/E.Y.Harburg/M.Cummings)

19.    The Last Call For Love (B.Lane/E.Y.Harburg/M.Cummings) Alternate

20.    Poor You (B.Lane/E.Y.Harburg)

21.    Poor You (B.Lane/E.Y.Harburg) Alternate

22.    On the Sunny Side Of The Street (J.McHugh/D.Fields)

23.    Poor Little Rich Girl (N.Coward)

24.    For Me And My Gal (G.W.Meyer/E.Leslie/E.R.Goetz) (Duet with Gene Kelly)

25.    When You Wore A Tulip (And I Wore a Big Red Rose) (P.Wenrich/J.Mahoney) (Duet with Gene Kelly)

CD C:  Black Magic 1942-1945

1.      That Old Black Magic (H.Arlen/J.Mercer)

2.      I Never Knew (I Could Love Anybody Like I’m Loving You) (T.Pitts/R.Egan/R.K.Marsh/P.Whiteman)

3.      But Not For Me (G.Gershwin/I.Gershwin)

4.      I Got Rhythm (G.Gershwin/I.Gershwin)

5.      I Got Rhythm (G.Gershwin/I.Gershwin) Alternate

6.      Embraceable You (G.Gershwin/I.Gershwin)

7.      Embraceable You (G.Gershwin/I.Gershwin) Alternate

8.      Could You Use Me? (G.Gershwin/I.Gershwin) (Duet with Mickey Rooney)

9.      Bidin’ My Time (G.Gershwin/I.Gershwin) (Featuring Leo Diamond Harmonica Quintet)

10.    No Love, No Nothin’ (H.Waren/L.Robin)

11.    A Journey To A Star (H.Warren/L.Robin)

12.    The Boy Next Door (H.Martin/R.Blane)

13.    Boys And Girls Like You And Me (R.Rodgers/O.Hammerstein II)

14.    Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (H.Martin/R.Blane)

15.    Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (H.Martin/R.Blane) Alternate

16.    The Trolley Song (H.Martin/R.Blane) (With Chorus)

17.    Skip To My Lou (H.Martin/R.Blane)

18.    Meet Me In St. Louis (K.Mills/A.B.Sterling, arranged by H.Martin and R.Blane)

19.    You’ve Got Me Where You Want Me (H.Warren/J.Mercer) (Duet with Bing Crosby)

20.    Mine (G.Gershwin/I.Gershwin) (Duet with Bing Crosby)

21.    This Heart Of Mine (H.Warren/A.Freed)

22.    This Heart Of Mine (H.Warren/A.Freed) Alternate

23.    Love (H.Martin/R.Blane)

24.    Connecticut (H.Martin/R.Blane) (Duet with Bing Crosby)

25.    Connecticut (H.Martin/R.Blane) (Duet with Bing Crosby) Alternate

CD D:  In Love With Love 1945-1947

1.      Yah-Ta-Ta, Yah-Ta-Ta (Talk, Talk, Talk) (J.V.Heusen/J.Burke) (Duet with Bing Crosby)

2.      Yah-Ta-Ta, Yah-Ta-Ta (Talk, Talk, Talk) (J.V.Heusen/J.Burke) (Duet with Bing Crosby) Alternate

3.      March Of The Doagies (H.Warren/J.Mercer) (Duet with Kenny Baker & The Kay Thompson Chorus)

4.      Swing Your Partner Round And Round (H.Warren/J.Mercer) (With the Kay Thompson Chorus)

5.      On The Atchison, Topeka And The Santa Fe (H.Warren/H.Mercer) Alternate

6.      On The Atchison, Topeka And The Santa Fe (H.Warren/J.Mercer) (Duet with the Merry Macs)

7.      If I Had You (T.Shapiro/J.Campbell/R.Connelly) (Duet with the Merry Macs)

8.      If I Had You (T.Shapiro/J.Campbell/R.Connelly) (Duet with the Merry Macs) Alternate

9.      You’ll Never Walk Alone (R.Rodgers/O.Hammerstein II)

10.    Smilin’ Through (A.A.Penn)

11.    It’s A Great Big World (H.Warren/J.Mercer) (With Virginia O’Brien & Betty Russell)

12.    In The Valley (Where the Evenin’ Sun Goes Down) (H.Warren/J.Mercer)

13.    On The Atchison, Topeka And The Santa Fe (H.Warren/H.Mercer) (With Chorus)

14.    Aren’t You Kind Of Glad We Did? (G.Gershwin/I.Gershwin) (Duet with Dick Haymes)

15.    For You, For Me, Forevermore (G.Gershwin/I.Gershwin) (Duet with Dick Haymes)

16.    Changing My Tune (G.Gershwin/I.Gershwin)

17.    Don’t Tell Me That Story (J.J.Lilley)

18.    Don’t Tell Me That Story (J.J.Lilley) Alternate

19.    There Is No Breeze (To Cool the Flame of Love) (A.Alstone/D.Dick)

20.    Nothing But You (R.Rodgers/L.Hart)

21.    I Wish I Were In Love Again (R.Rodgers/L.Hart)

22.    I Wish I Were In Love Again (R.Rodgers/L.Hart) Alternate

23.    Falling In Love With Love (R.Rodgers/L.Hart) Outtake


  1. Hi Scott…Can’t wait to get a listen to these. I am glad to see that Judy’s Decca recording are getting some “official” attention. I got the Decca Masters box set way back when, but I think this will be great addition to the “Lost Tracks” CD.

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