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[Press Release April 29, 2018]

Judy Garland - From The Heart


Before Beyonce, before Adele, there was Judy Garland. Some of her prettiest, most tender love songs are represented here. This is not a cliche CD. You won’t find yet another repetition of “Over the Rainbow,” “The Trolley Song” or “Dear Mr. Gable”. Nor is it a cheapo multi-CD set with 100 tracks for $5 that some label has haphazardly thrown together without regard for how the material sounds.

[Judy Room note:  Listen to a sampling of the CD’s tracks here]

What you will find instead on “JUDY GARLAND FROM THE HEART” (Good Music label), is a shrewdly culled selection of some of Judy’s finest vocal performances drawn from radio and studio recordings that have recently been expertly remastered for a fuller depth of sound, by an engineer who also does work for the National Archives. Every track is now rich, detailed and ALIVE! What these songs have in common is their wonderful melodic appeal covering a range of moods and the fact that Judy is in great voice throughout. These are indeed treasures. 

Newcomers to Judy will delight in discovering how good she really was, (especially when compared to today’s auto-tuned singers); and veterans will find this a worthy addition to their collections because of its superior sound quality. 

As one reviewer commented upon hearing some previews from the album, “This is a taste of what Judy would sound like if she was recorded today. Just imagine her entire catalogue processed with this technology. This is what I have been waiting for.”

The repertoire includes selections that are seldom heard. The first six are from radio, including an alternate arrangement of “Zing Went the Strings of My Heart.” Her live performance of “Wish You Were Here” flows along effortlessly, with an unusual ending as the strings and woodwinds run down the scale. Among the outstanding studio tracks is an especially poignant rendering of “Danny Boy,” with a lush orchestral and choral backing. Judy’s father used to sing this song to her at bedtime when she was a girl so it had a special place in her heart. “Blue Prelude” was written by famed arranger Gordon Jenkins. Judy sings a Rogers and Hart song, “Nothing But You” solely to piano accompaniment. Garland’s sensitive interpretation of “Just Imagine” is exquisitely beautiful. Artists ranging from Sinatra to Peggy Lee have sung “Last Night When We Were Young” but Judy does the number with real pathos. “Oceans Apart” conveys the heartfelt pangs of separation between two lovers. Judy’s jazz side is on full display with “I’m Confessin’ (That I Love You), backed by a bluesy sax and lush strings punctuated by harp. “Who Cares” is an uptempo number with horns and an upright bass. “Day In, Day Out,” has lyrics by Johnny Mercer and a soaring, melodic line, free of pretension but full of passion as Judy’s version blends Latin rhythms with pop and she modulates with that powerful voice of hers. The tenderness of “Little Drops Of Rain” (featured in 1962’s film, “Gay Purr-ee”) is beguiling. “Old Devil Moon” was written for the 1947 Broadway smash “Finian’s Rainbow” and later covered by Petula Clark. “April Showers” begins with cascading strings and Judy’s very careful and intimate phrasing that paints a colorful picture of springtime love. “There Is No Breeze” was introduced by the Tommy Dorsey orchestra and Garland’s rendition is beautifully orchestrated. Judy swings on “After You’ve Gone” and prances joyfully on “Puttin’ On the Ritz.” There are 25 tracks, dating from 1943 to 1961.

From the gorgeous cover to the engrossing liner notes (which include quotes from a vocal coach about Judy’s technique and athletic condition as a singer), this release has been assembled by the same producer whose CDs on other artists such as Barbra Streisand, Frank Sinatra, Patti Page, Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, Patsy Cline and Elvis — among others — have been praised by critics worldwide. Billboard magazine described his work as “stunning,” and it has served as the basis for hour-long specials on U.S. Public radio and the UK’s BBC, plus won awards for Excellence from the Association of Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC). 

This is an immensely enjoyable listening experience no Judy fan should miss! Fans can hear actual audio samples from the CD (and order the product) at (This source currently has the CD on sale and ships worldwide for much less than Amazon)



  2. I’VE GOT YOU UNDER MY SKIN (Radio 1947)
  3. I DON’T CARE (Radio 1949)
  4. WHEN YOU’RE SMILING (Radio 1951)
  5. YOU MADE ME LOVE YOU (Radio 1951)
  6. WISH YOU WERE HERE (Radio 1952)
  7. DON’T TELL ME THAT STORY (Decca 10/1/46)
  8. AFTER YOU’VE GONE (Capitol 8/25/55)
  9. BLUE PRELUDE (Capitol 2/22/57)
  10. APRIL SHOWERS (Capitol 3/19/56)
  11. THERE IS NO BREEZE (Decca 10/1/46)
  12. NOTHING BUT YOU (Decca 11/15/47)
  13. DANNY BOY (Capitol 8/30/55)
  14. JUST IMAGINE (Capitol 3/22/56)
  15. WITHOUT A MEMORY (Columbia 4/3/53)
  17. CHANGING MY TUNE (Decca 9/11/46)
  18. OCEANS APART (Decca 10/16/39)
  19. I’M CONFESSIN’ (THAT I LOVE YOU) (Capitol 5/26/58)
  20. DAY IN, DAY OUT (Capitol 5/19/58)
  21. OLD DEVIL MOON (Capitol 6/17/60)
  22. WHO CARES (Capitol 6/9/60
  23. LITTLE DROPS OF RAIN (Warner Bros. 11/61)
  24. PUTTIN’ ON THE RITZ (Capitol 10/31/60)
  25. I AM LOVED (Capitol 6/7/58)

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